Top 20 PCD Pharma Franchise Companies in Ahmedabad

Top 20 PCD Pharma Franchise Companies in Ahmedabad – The district in the Indian state of Gujarat, known as “Ahmedabad”, is recognized for its rapid development. It become one of the fifth most populated urban centers in the region famous for its beautiful culture and historical significance. Ahmedabad has emerged as an important industrial and economic hub in India. The area experienced huge in the real estate sector which is a big sign for people to invest in the city.

The Pharma industry in Ahmedabad provides carrer opportunities to interested and dedicated entrepreneurs. The location hosts more than 380+ pharmaceutical companies that claim themselves as the best firm for collaboration but unfortunately, they need to improve in their commitment. Usually, franchise holders need clarification on what firm is best for them. To clear your confusion, In this article, we present the Top 20 PCD Pharma Franchise Companies in Ahmedabad known for quality pharma products and genuine deals.

List of Best PCD Pharma Franchise Companies in Ahmedabad

Here is the list of the 20 best Pharma Franchise Companies in Ahmedabad, renowned for genuine deals, attractive incentives, product quality, business opportunities, skilled staff, support, and much more. Scotwin Healthcare secures the first rank on this list, and the others are also ideal for business partnerships.

Scotwin Healthcare

Scotwin Healthcare entered the pharma market in the year 2015, Currently the Leading ISO 9001:2008, WHO, and GMP-certified PCD Pharma Franchise Company in Ahmedabad working under the guidance of Mr. Ashok Thakur. As an aim to make everyone healthy, they developed a transparent supply chain to offer 300+ extensive pharmaceutical ranges in each corner of India. All the products distributed by them such as tablets, capsules, injections, syrup, protein powder, ayurvedic topical sachets, etc are approved by FSSAI and DCGI.

  • Profitable and lesser-risk business in Ahmedabad
  • Save business partners from high competition in the market
  • Free of cost promotional kit to boost sales
  • Join Scotwin Healthcare at low investment and gain profit with high returns

Janaxa Pharmaceuticals

Janaxa Pharmaceuticals has made a name for itself in the list of Top 20 PCD Pharma Franchise Companies in Ahmedabad since 2007. The primary goal of improve society’s healthcare with a plethora of high-quality 200+ medicines that include tablets, capsules, injectables, syrup, cold syrup, Gynae products, pediatric products, protein powder, ayurvedic syrup, and much more.

  • Keeping overhead to a minimum
  • Minimum marketing expenditure
  • Immense earnings and revenue
  • Freedom to run your own company

Fossil Remedies

Fossil Remedies is one of the Best PCD Pharma Franchise Companies in Ahmedabad known for their vast range of 2800+ product list. It works under the guidance of founders Mr Ravi Agarwal and Mr Prabhat Agarwal, and motivated staff members who make best efforts to fulfill the public requirements.

  • 2000+ associates
  • 7+ Special Divisions
  • GMP Certified Pharmaceutical distributor
  • Fastest Growing Pharma Company in Ahmedabad

Grevis Pharmacuticals

Grevis Pharmacuticals was established in the year 2004, to build a reputed benchmark in the pharma industry by delivering superior quality FSSAI and DCGI-approved pharma products. To match international quality standards they go along with the guidelines of WHO, GMP, and GLP.

  • Expert Assistance
  • Innovation and updation at regular time intervals
  • Safe and highly demanded product range
  • Quality Assurance

Alpha Drugs

Alpha Drugs was founded in the year 2003, since a major player in the pharma market, It offers a vibrant range of pharmaceutical products in bulk quantities such as tablets, Capsules, Lotions, Injections, Soft gels, Syrups, Ointments, etc. Moreover, they comply with the guidelines of WHO and GMP to match global quality standards.

  • Rights to a market monopoly
  • There is less chance of brand damages
  • Quick Delivery Assistance
  • DCGI and FSSAI-approved Products List

Aden Healthcare

Founded in 2008, Aden Healthcare Top Pharma Company in Ahmedabad extensively deals in all forms of medicines like tablets, capsules, dry syrups, sachet, dental range, liquids, drops, and injections with all linked franchise holders of Ahmedabad. With the support of the sales and marketing team, Accounts & Finance, Packing & Dispatch, Production & Quality Control they can provide genuine business opportunity in Ahmedabad.

  • 450+ High-quality products
  • 6 Divisions
  • ISO Certified Company
  • Stress-Free business experience

Algen Healthcare

With over 21 experience in the Pharma industry, Algen Healthcare is renowned Best PCD Companies in Ahmedabad that is accredited by ISO, GLP, GMP, WHO, and MSME. Founded in the year 2000 with strong foundations and a dedication to research and development of pharma products it is the first choice for customers for collaboration.

  • No hidden Charge
  • Transparent in nature
  • Best Marketing Strategy
  • A talented team of skilled workforce

Ellanjey Lifescinces

Ellanjey Lifescince is a fast-growing firm in Ahmedabad. It builds a strong distribution channel to supply 400+ verse and a qualitative range of products such as Injectable, Capsules, Tablets, Softgel Capsules, Dry Syrup, Syrup, Ointments, Oral Liquid, External Liquids, Creams, General Products, Nutraceuticals, Oral Sachets & Powders with the help of 590+ franchise associates.

  • Best Deals for Stokiests
  • Economic and Budget-Friendly Investment Plans
  • Reasonable Pricing
  • Best Profit Margin Rate

Captab Biotech

Captab Biotech is an ISO-certified PCD Pharma Franchise company in Ahmedabad popular for its genuine product price list. All the ranges such as tablets, injections, antibiotics, protein supplements, dry syrups, liquids, thyroid range, infertility range, unique sprays, etc are tested by professionals at each level to maintain quality and safety.

  • 24 Hours Stock Availability
  • Unique Monopoly Rights
  • Vast Range of Products
  • Skilled workforce

BioBrick Pharma

BioBrick Pharma is a prominent name in the pharma sector, as a part of the Top 20 PCD Pharma Franchise Companies in Ahmedabad, they are committed to distributing the best quality pharmaceuticals to linked franchise holders at genuine prices. With the support of a customized and unique project management team, they can provide products all over the nation.

  • Attractive Promotional Tools Support
  • Regular Marketing Updates
  • Best Deals for Stokiests
  • Fast Delivery

Jabs Biotech

Jabs Biotech PCD Pharma Franchise Company in Ahmedabad was incorporated in 2012 by a well-known and reputed name in the pharmaceutical sector Mr. Harjinder Bathej who has deep knowledge about the pharma market. Moreover, they offer R&D team-tested medicines in different forms such as capsules, creams, eye drops, injections, and lotion.

  • Fast Delivery
  • Attractive Packaging
  • Low Risk
  • Genuine Deals

Gracia Lifesciences

Gracia Lifesciences was launched in the year 2009. Included in the List of Leading PCD Pharma Franchise Companies in Ahmedabad, they supplied 100+ quality tested pharma products such as Capsule, Tablets, Injections, Sanitizers, Syrup\ Suspension, Diabetic, Ointments, Protein Powder, Diabetics etc.

  • Own Storage house
  • Attractive Incentives
  • Skilled R&D team
  • High Margin profit


Somacare Regarded as a Top Player in the PCD Pharma Franchise Sector in Ahmedabad. The firm is backed by a skilled workforce that is proficient in understanding the requirements of the target audience. You can join by following very easy steps moreover the investment cost is very less and risk-free.

  • 100+ franchise associates
  • Latest technology
  • Own Warehouse
  • Rewards


Medubyte Identified Among the Best Pharma Franchise Companies in Ahmedabad. It is popular for advancement techniques, they regularly update their pharma products and present the latest formulation in the market. Their investment plan for business opportunity is less and free of any kind of risk and loss.

  • Division of Dr. Kumars Pharmaceuticals
  • Strict QA/QC Regulations Followed
  • 300+ pharma product range
  • Build strong relationships with franchise holders in Ahmedabad

Pax Healthcare

Pax Healthcare ISO 9001-2008, a WHO and GMP-certified pharmaceutical company that is robustly backed by a strong supply chain and path-breaking research work has placed itself among Ahmedabad’s fast-growing transnational healthcare organizations.

  • Received the UDYOG PATRA AWARD
  • 1500+ Direct and Indirect distribution channel partners
  • 4+ Manufacturing Units in India
  • Export in Nepal, Afghanistan & Australia

Zoic Lifescinces

Zoic Lifescinces has earned a reputation in the pharma field, they have achieved 10+ awards. The PCD Pharma Company in Ahmedabad in 300+ top-grade pharma products such as tablets, capsules, syrup, injections, oil, etc. Moreover, it established itself as an ethical pharma company, to conduct policies, and procedures legally.

  • Ethical Business Module
  • Advanced and proven technique packaging
  • Top quality approach
  • 150+ Dedicated workforce

Servocare Lifesciences

Servocare Lifesciences started its journey in the year 2005, as a Best 20 Pharma Franchise Companies in Ahmedabad, it built a stronghold in both domestic and international markets of CIS, UK, Ghana, Nigeria, Afghanistan, Liberia & Middle East with the guidance of 150+ staff.

  • 10 awards
  • Customer Satisfaction
  • 350+ products
  • Quality assurance

Psyogen Captab

Psycogen Captab started its carrer journey in 1999. The major player in the pharma industry promised people to be healthy by distributing first-grade 300+ pharma products at an affordable price. Moreover, interested entrepreneurs in Ahmedabad can collaborate with them at less investment and gain high-margin profit.

  • Customer care executive
  • Stock management
  • Attractive incentives
  • Monopoly Rights

Soigner Pharma

Soigner Pharma is one of the 20 Top PCD Pharma Franchise Companies in Ahmedabad that offers 100+ quality-assured pharma products with safe and attractive packaging. As an Innovative firm, they used high-tech machinery and the latest tools to avoid mistakes to serve 5000+ franchise associates.

  • 14 Divisions
  • ISO 9001:2008
  • 250+ products
  • Vast Range of products

Bionics Remedies

Bionics Remedies was established in the year 2002 and offers 250+ wide range of high-quality pharmaceuticals at an effective cost. Moreover, all the offered products are safe, pure, suitable, and effective for all kinds of health issues.

  • 20+ experience
  • Well known company
  • Best Business opportunity in Ahmedabad
  • 4+ certifications


Ahmedabad’s pharmaceutical sector provides several prospects for ambitious businesses. This article has identified the top 20 PCD Pharma Franchise Companies in the city, highlighting their strengths and benefits. This curated list is an invaluable resource for individuals wishing to enter the pharmaceutical franchise business in Ahmedabad. With the appropriate partner, entrepreneurs may begin on a path to success in this growing market.


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