About Us

Scotwin Healthcare is certified by ISO 9001:2008, WHO, and GMP. As a “care-focused” pharma company in India, it offers 300+ superior quality healthcare formulations at an effective cost. They are not only targeting the domestic market but also actively participating in international markets.

A notable aspect of Scotwin Healthcare's Top Pharma company is its diversification into the Over-the-Counter (OTC) product market, which extends to serveral international markets and includes nature-based remedies. The commitment to quality has earned the company approval to supply medicines to numerous Government Institutions in India such as Health Departments, Defence services, and hospitals. The approval make the trusted position in the pharma industry.

Scotwin Healthcare is accredited as a supplier to organizations like MSF (Médecins Sans Frontières) and PSF (Pharmaciens Sans Frontières), emphasizing its recognition on a global scale. Furthermore, the Best Pharma company actively pursues the development of the latest technologies, evident in its ability to launch advanced and effective pharma products with enhanced release profiles. This strategic approach ensures better treatment compliance and dosage convenience for patients, reflecting Scotwin Healthcare's commitment to innovation and improving healthcare outcomes.


Our mission is "Quest for Better Humanity Care". To elaborate they serve the professional community and farmers with quality & efficacious human health products and promote human well-being.


Scotwin Healthcare never negotiates the quality of products. We have 300+ superior quality pharma products that are tested by healthcare professionals at each level to maintain customers' safety.


Scotwin Healthcare is backed by skilled workers who ensure safety and deliver all quality pharma products as per the requirements of the our partners and demands of market.


Our pricing strategy is competitive or comparable. We offer our best pharma products with the best deals at affordable prices. We maintain a careful balance between customer expectations, covering the cost, and marinating profitability.

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